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What We Do

Sindt Consulting Engineering is an engineering firm that provides electrical engineering services to our customers. We strive to use our diverse experience with the leading technology to provide our customers with the best possible solution. Be it employee saftey, electrical code upkeep, arc flash or arc fault studies, machine controls and more, SCE can help you!

The NEC had major updates to labeling requirements in the 2000 release, and has continuously updated these ever since. As of today, less than 30% of all businesses meet the 2000 requirements. In the 2017 edition more areas for labeling were added. At some point in the future, states will start to enforce those requirements. Also, many insurance companies are starting to require compliance because of the huge liability.

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Arc Fault / Arc Flash

Arc flash is the leading cause of fatalaties in the construction industry. If you have employees who have to work around or on electrical equipment, you as the owner have a responsibility to protect workers from arc flash hazards. SCE can identify arc flash hazards and develop employee training programs and help your company implement lawfully required safety measures.

Machine Controls

Every customer is different - from using the latest microcontrollers, PLC's, or even custom controllers. Programming in assembler, VB, C, Labview, or PLC language is no problem for us.

Product Design

We take our customers concept and turn it into a unique marketable product.